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SAN ANTONIO — One person was killed and six others were wounded in an attempted robbery at the Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, police said Sunday afternoon.

One suspect is in custody and officers were searching for a second suspect, police said in a news conference. Police were not sure if the second suspect was still in the mall and said they planned to do a second search with a K-9.

“What we have is a robbery that went really, really bad. There were two individuals who robbed the Kay Jewelers store. They exited and ran to the left and encountered two citizens who tried to intervene. One of those citizens was shot by the suspect,” police said.

“The other citizen who tried to intervene had a concealed carry license and he shot the suspect,” police said.

The suspect who was shot was transported to a local hospital.

The second suspect ran the other way, firing shots as he ran. The second suspect was later arrested by San Antonio police.

Six people were shot and rushed to local hospitals. There are no details available about the severity of their injuries.

Police told WOAI-TV that the shooting occurred around 3:30 p.m.

A woman who spoke to KABB said she got a text message from her daughter who works at JCPenney. She said her daughter and other employees were told to take shelter in a back room of the store.