Over 40,000 killer bees blamed in death of Texas man

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MOODY, Texas — A Texas man died Saturday after he was swarmed by Africanized bees while clearing brush on a neighbor’s property.

Larry Goodwin, 62, was consolidating a brush pile on a neighbor’s property when he upset a killer bee hive in an old chicken coop. Over 40,000 bees swarmed the man, stinging him on every part of this body, KCEN is reporting.

Responders tried to resuscitate Goodwin at the scene but he was pronounced dead, KCEN reports.

Goodwin had just turned 62 the day before.

Africanized honey bees were believed to have entered Texas in 1990 and have since spread to about 10 other states from California to Florida.

Africanized honey bees, which are hybrids of African and European bees, can be highly defensive around their nests and swarm more frequently than other honey bees, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The venom carried by honey bees has similar potency.

Africanized bees have killed eight people since 1990, according to the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

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