LITCHFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A 65-year-old man was attacked by a bear while attempting to help his dog in Litchfield, Connecticut, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  

DEEP’s investigation showed that the attack happened at approximately 11:15 a.m. on Saturday after the bear entered the man’s porch.

Authorities say the bear was looking into the birdfeeders on the porch when a dog began to chase it. That’s when the bear attacked the dog, according to DEEP. The man then intervened and was also attacked by the bear.

Both the homeowner and his dog were taken to medical facilities for their injuries. 

The man’s wife, Andrea Monschein, described the bear as a female black bear.

She told Nexstar’s WTNH she has seen the bear in her backyard and around the neighborhood before.

“It happened so fast, it was only like 60 seconds,” she said. “Cooper [their dog] attacked her. When you’re attacked, as a mother, you’re protecting your babies and you would do anything to protect your babies and yourself. I don’t think she’s a nuisance bear. I think she was just being protective.” 

Following the attack, the bear fled into the woods where state police officers were unable to find it. 

Monschein’s husband suffered minor injuries and came back from the hospital Saturday afternoon while Cooper required surgery.

DEEP recommends taking down bird feeders between March and November while bears are active and carefully clean barbecue grills after use to avoid interactions with bears. Garbage cans should be in secure, ideally airtight, containers inside of a garage or enclosed area.