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DENVER — It is likely a multimillion-dollar question, but should members of Congress increase security for themselves after the shooting Wednesday morning in Northern Virginia?

The attack, which injured five, occurred at a baseball practice for an upcoming bipartisan game between Democrats and Republicans.

“If Steve Scalise had not been there with his detail because he is a member of leadership, there probably wouldn’t have been a police presence,” said Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican.

Buck’s statement underscores an important point — members of Congress who are not in leadership do not receive protection.

It is widely known that congressional offices do not have police officers stationed there. As a result, Buck said he takes other measures.

“When I am in Colorado, I am certainly armed or have a gun nearby,” Buck said.

Buck said improving security is a topic that is being discussed after the shooting. However, it remains unclear if more money will be dedicated.

The House Sargent of Arms asked for more resources to improve security in district offices earlier this year.

Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado, who was practicing with Democrats at a separate field during the shooting, talked about the bravery of the Capitol Hill Police.

“We had been briefed on it. We were told the Capitol Police ran toward the gunfire. They were able to take out the shooter. Countless lives could have been lost,” Polis said.