DENVER (KDVR) — There is a new photo meme tool taking social media by storm and clogging up your newsfeed.

It’s called the Barbie Selfie Generator. It was created to promote “Barbie: The Movie,” which is coming out this summer.

How to use it

Once you’re at the website, you can click “start.”

From there, you can upload a photo from your photo album, or you can take one from the website by giving access to your camera.

Once your photo is uploaded, it will take you to the next screen where it shows your photo with the background removed.

On the next screen, it will generate your meme. You can adjust the height and width of your picture to fit in the meme.

You can also say what your Barbie is by typing something. We went with News Anchor for our examples.

Here are some of the memes of our FOX31 team:

You can also choose to make your photo a “Ken” but the main label on the photo will still say “Barbie.”

Once you have your meme edited and customized, you can download it and share it with your friends.

Many people are using the hashtag “BarbieTheMovie” when sharing their photos on social media.

Barbie movie

The Barbie movie will come out on July 21. The main actors and actresses in the film are Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Ariana Greenblatt.