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MISSION, Texas — Getting into the spirit of Halloween, some people have fake coffins in their front yards. But one Texas woman found a real one in her backyard.

It was a real life nightmare on Elm Street for Dede Olivera.

“It’s just a crazy story because it’s almost Halloween,” said Olivera.

She recently purchased this home on Elm and workers were in the middle of making full renovations to the backyard when they hit something they couldn’t move.

“They let my dad know, ‘Hey we hit a box.’ So my dad said, ‘Okay, we’ll get the box out later, we’ll move it when you finish the work,’” said Olivera.

But it wasn’t a box.

When Olivera walked through her backyard and saw what was being dug up — she couldn’t believe her eyes: An old rusted coffin almost four feet long.

Authorities were immediately called out to the home.

Detectives and special crime units all rushed to investigate what was inside.

“They had seen little booties and pink little bears and then one of the guys said they had seen bones,”

Olivera was thinking the worst.

“My new neighbor said that the only thing she could remember was that the old owners had had a funeral for a pet,” said Olivera. “But it was for a cocker spaniel, but this coffin was really big. There’s no way it could be that dog.”

But her neighbor was right.

Canine bones were found inside the coffin along with pictures of a dog… All buried next to a tool box with cat bones inside that one.

City workers did end up taking the coffin, the tool box and all those animal bones. So now the backyard renovation project can get back on track.