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BEIJING — In an episode of the Netflix series “Black Mirror” they depict a society where people use an app to rate each other out of five stars – and China is now doing something very similar.

China has a “social credit system” that has blocked millions of people from taking a trip and can even prevent where people go to school, according to Business Insider.

It has blocked people from taking more than 11 million flights and 4 million train trips, as of the end of April.

The social credit system is used to punish citizens for bad behavior in various categories. It includes things like misbehavior on planes or trains, failing to abide by a court judgement and other things.

It also determines the punishment people face for misbehaving. In addition to preventing people from traveling, it can prevent people from getting loans or jobs, determine what schools children are allowed to attend, and even limit internet access.

CNET reports that all of China’s 1.4 billion citizens will have a score by 2020 — determined by various state-run resources. One school recently updated their policy to no longer enroll students whose parents have bad social credit scores.