FAYETTE COUNTY, Ill. (KTVI) – Amy Garrison lives on a quiet farm with her husband in southern Illinois. She enjoys the peace of Fayette County, but for the past two decades, she had been in pain.

Garrison had a portion of an epidural needle stuck in her spine, which she said was left there nearly 20 years ago when she gave birth at a naval hospital in Florida. Garrison said an anesthesiologist at that hospital broke off about 2 inches of the needle in her back, and never told her what had happened.

The needle was not discovered until years later. Last week, Garrison was finally able to have the needle removed.

Earlier this month, she admitted the pain she was feeling was becoming too much to bear, telling Nexstar’s KTVI it included a burning sensation in her legs, buttocks, and feet. Getting to sleep was also a challenge.

There is hope, though.

On Monday, one week after the procedure, Garrison told KTVI she was glad the needle had been removed but had numbness on the left side of her body from her knee to her ankle. She is still in pain and relies on a walker while undergoing physical therapy at home.

But, the needle removal did address some of the pain Garrison had been feeling for years.

“The sciatica burn, that’s gone,” she said. “That’s really good.”

Garrison is still in disbelief that no one has been held accountable for the needle in her spine or is willing to cover the costs of removing it.

Garrison filed a lawsuit against the naval hospital in Florida. She alleged she was never notified that a needle was left in her spine following the birth of her child. Her lawsuit was dismissed.

She is also determined to make a full recovery.

“I will have a 100 percent recovery from it. There’s no doubt about it,” Garrison said.