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COMMERCE, Ga. — A burglar ignored a 79-year-old woman’s homeowners threats when she heard someone breaking in her home. After hearing breaking glass coming from her upstairs, she fired two shots at the suspect.

On Feb. 12 the woman called 911 about a man ransacking the upstairs of her home. During a 911 call obtained by WXIA the woman begs the 911 operator for the authorities to hurry. The operator reminds her to not confront the intruder.

While officers were on route the woman shot the man at least two times while she was waiting in the kitchen on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.

“I’m scared, please hurry… Lord, have mercy,” she whispered to the 911 operator. “I’m gonna blow your brains out!” she shouted at the burglar.
Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum states that there were two women in the home and they were not harmed.

“She told him in words I can’t tell you that he better not come in her house or she’d take care of things,” Mangum said.

“As he started down the stairs, she fired toward the stairs and he went back up,” Mangum said.

When deputies arrived they found a 20-year-old male hiding in the closet. He was later identified as Hans Edward Rogers was taken into custody and charged with burglary and home invasion.

Investigators state that Rogers was driving his mother’s car along Georgia Highway 82 Spur on Interstate 85 in Jackson County when the car ran out of gas. He left the car on the road and helped himself into the woman’s house located on the 5800 block of Highway 82 Spur just before midnight.