Mystery gunfire rocks Castle Rock neighborhood

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CASTLE ROCK – There’s a mystery in the normally quiet Castle Rock neighborhood of Cobblestone Ranch.

Neighbors report hearing rapid gunfire Friday afternoon. Audrey McKenney said, “It’s extremely concerning. Sounded like the sound in the video from the Vegas shooting so it caught my attention.”

A bullet hole in her garage door caught Lindsey Fraker’s attention when she got home Saturday afternoon.

Fraker said, “It damaged a toolbox and bullet next to it. It looks like two grand for the garage door and another two grand for the toolbox, so significant damage.”

Castle Rock Police say this is one of three homes damaged by bullets since December 14. Spokesperson Joe Cybert said, “We are fairly confident this is not intentional targeting of residences and it may be stray bullets perhaps from somebody shooting a rifle at a distance.”

Police with the help of an ATF K9 have narrowed down the location of the shooting. They say it’s more than a mile west of the neighborhood.

They’ve posted a letter at the location hoping to get the attention of the shooter, who may not know their bullets traveled so far or caused so much damage. Cybert said, “There is a chance this person doesn’t know what they are doing is sending bullets escaping the area that they feel is safe for what they are doing.”

Lindsey Fraker said, “There’s so many families in this neighborhood, we are all afraid to be out front and let kids play and do things you’d expect them to do in a community. This is a safe neighborhood, we don’t want people to be scared.”

They say it’s fortunate that no one’s been injured and they want to find the person or people responsible before that happens.

Audrey McKenney said, “I hope they find the person. If it is kids, I hope they learn gun safety. If it’s target practice, they should go back and learn gun safety. This area is too busy. There is an open space. We get a lot of people walking and biking and our neighbors have children. We are concerned a child getting him by a stray bullet.”

Castle Rock Police ask if you have any information on where the gunfire is coming from to contact them immediately at 303-663-6100.

Police also ask that if you live in the subdivision and have damage consistent with a bullet causing damage to your property, please notify them at 720-733-3517 or by email at

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