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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Police are still looking for the body of a 19-year-old woman who was reported missing from Pueblo.

Meanwhile, the man accused of killing her went before a judge for the first time Monday.

Police say Christopher Waide confessed to stabbing and strangling Lea Porter in his Westminster apartment and then leaving her body in a dumpster.

Waide faces charges of first degree murder and sexual assault in the death of Porter, who was a high school friend of his.

His family didn’t have anything to say as they left the courtroom Monday morning, but Porter’s stepfather had plenty to say. “He said that he stabbed her, strangled her and put her in a trash bag and put her in the dumpster,” says Michael Jackson.

Police say Waide is cooperating with investigators who blocked off part of a landfill in Commerce City to follow leads as they work on recovering Porter’s remains. “To protect the integrity of the investigation we’re really just not able to say anything about where our search is leading us or what we’re actively doing. But we are actively out searching for Lea,” says Westminster police spokeswoman Cheryl Spottke.

Lea’s stepfather says he, his son and her ex-boyfriend coerced the suspect to confess, and that he’s learned more about Waide’s past. “I’m told that the principal of his school knows about a manifesto he wrote and that I believe the authorities have it at this point,” Jackson says. FOX31 Denver reporter Dave Young asked, “And what does it describe?” “Capturing a girl and sexually assaulting her and killing her.”

The teen went missing in early June. Waide posted on Facebook asking for help in finding her.

But her stepfather says she’s also rejected Waide’s romantic advances, so he went to question Waide last week. “I don’t believe he would be in jail if we wouldn’t have taken this into our own hands.”

Jackson says Lea’s family is suffering and want her body found. They also want justice. “I want him to suffer, I want him to spend life in prison,” Jackson says. “I want to kill him … that’s the only thought I have.”

Waide is in jail without bond. He’ll be back in court Friday for the formal filing of charges.