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DENVER (KDVR) — Monday, Aug. 1, Denver residents can apply for the next round of e-bike rebates from the city.

Each month, a limited number of rebates are available and residents can save $400 to $1,700 on the purchase of an e-bike.

Kenny Fischer with FattE Bikes in Denver said more and more people are starting to see e-bikes as a form of transportation.

“I tell people it’s not a heavy bike, it’s a light electric vehicle. When you shift your perspective, you start to realize, wait I can integrate this into my daily routine. Rather than hopping in a giant two-ton vehicle just to go two miles to the grocery store, I can take my e-bike instead,” Fischer said.

He is glad to see the rebate program offered in Denver.

“The popularity has increased extensively, and as they continue to issue more and more rebates, these are serious buyers, these are people who have been waiting in line to get an e-bike,” he said.

FattE Bikes makes their bikes in Denver, and the bikes are customizable.

The city hopes the increased use of e-bikes will improve traffic congestion and help promote sustainability.

E-bikes can cost a couple thousand dollars, but Fischer said that is nothing compared to a car, insurance and gas.

As more people start to use e-bikes, he hopes other changes will follow.

“I think the cities are going to start seeing the popularity of these rebate programs and say, ‘wow, we have more cyclists and now we need more places for them to feel safe riding their bikes,'” he said.

Visit the city’s website for more information on how to apply for a rebate.