The right way to use car background check services

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Car background check services provide accurate reports on titles, mileage, and service histories of millions of cars every day.

Mistakes are rare, but auto industry experts encourage buyers to do their own research as well to avoid confusion that can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Contractor Mark McGrogerty tells FOX31 he bought a truck he found on Craigslist based on a cheap price and a clean Carfax report.

When he decided to sell the truck a new report showed negative information he didn’t see on the previous one.

He says, “In 2010 it showed 139,000 miles so how does it take over seven plus years to get something updated?”

He says an investigation showed no sign of tampering of the report or the odometer.

Kevin Walsh of Auto Brokers Of Colorado tells FOX31 Carfax is an honest, reliable company used by thousands of dealerships but updates should be closely monitored.

“What happens is sometimes different companies come on board with Carfax –  insurance agencies – so things can get added to a car.”

He explains that it is very important to use background check services but they are only part of an equation for safely making a purchase.

Take the car to a trusted mechanic to have it checked out, contact businesses listed on the report to verify mileage, do your own VIN number search and compare results.

Walsh says, “You can call some of the facilities listed on the Carfax and take a deeper dive with them. (Ask) ‘Was there any work that was declined, is there anything you think I should know about with the car?’”

Walsh adds that buyers should consider buying from local outlets where the dealer is more likely to be available and accountable if any questions arise.

He also advises that buyers sit with their car sales representative while they pull up the report rather than settle for pre-printed reports left inside cars.

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