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DENVER — A big chunk of most families’ budgets goes toward food. Now a Denver-based mobile shopping app called “Ibotta” has put together a list of the best days to buy certain products.

To use the Ibotta app users scroll through the rebates offered at the store of their choosing.

They unlock the rebate, and scan the bar code. After their purchase, they take a picture of their receipt to send in, and the cash back is sent right to the account of their choice.

Number crunchers at Ibotta have studied millions of receipts and say they’ve identified the best days to buy certain products.

They say for example:

  • Beer is 9 percent cheaper on Mondays
  • Ice cream is 9 percent cheaper on Mondays
  • Wine is 6 percent cheaper on Tuesdays
  • Produce is 3 percent cheaper in Wednesdays
  • Cleaning products are 3 percent cheaper on Thursdays
  • Snacks are 7 percent cheaper on Fridays

“It does add up,” said Andrew Schrage, a frequent Ibotta user and CEO of “There’s certain days of the week that products are cheaper,” he said.

Andrew says he saved about $50 last month using Ibotta, and he’s not alone.  Ibotta execs say 4,800 users in Denver have earned more than $100.