DENVER (KDVR) — As inflation rates soar, vacations and activities this summer may be pricey. Consumer experts recommend considering renting instead of buying certain items.

“If you are someone who wants to be outside this summer, you can rent bicycles,” Rebecca Gramuglia with said. “You can list your bike to rent on websites like Spin Lister as well as gear for water activities.”

Clothing rental sites like Rent the Runway can be helpful for those attending several weddings this summer.

For those traveling with toddlers or infants, rental sites like BabyQuip or BabysAway offer a way to rent critical gear without traveling with bulky items.

Local stores like Feral Outdoor Gear will rent out items ranging such as tents, sleeping bags and other backpacking essentials.

“When you look at renting versus buying, look at the cost per use,” Gramuglia said. “If you only do a camping trip once every two years, you may not want to buy an RV or camper van. Do the math and look at the price per use.”

90% of Americans are planning a trip in the next six months, according to the US Travel Association.