New way to get deals uses cameras to recognize you from Facebook

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There’s a new way to get good deals by using your Facebook account, but you’ll need to give up some of your privacy. 

Face recognition cameras will soon be popping up at many of your favorite stores.

A new service called ‘Facedeals’ uses cameras set-up in stores, restaurants and  bars. 

The system is not sponsored by Facebook, and it works like an app. Face recognition technology matches up your image with your Facebook profile and pictures, then sends  you a customized offer from that store,  but only if you give permission beforehand.

The service was developed by the marketing firm Red Pepper. Once your face is read, then matched up with what you’ve “liked” on Facebook, you get a coupon sent right to your phone.

Some privacy advocates are concerned about the idea. Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says, “People would need to know how much of their personal information is actually being made available, it’s not simply their identity.”

Tim McMullen, CEO of Red Pepper explains that privacy is a top priority and says, “It’s  essentially saying that we can have access to your network and I think that’s sort of a line and a comfort line that people are moving towards as long as that information is not misused.”

Facebook says it’s not commenting on the Facedeals project. A spokesperson says Facebook just wants to make sure people make informed decisions about the apps they use.

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