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DENVER — the University of Colorado Denver Business School is set to expand its entrepreneurship educational offerings, since American Furniture Warehouse maven, Jake Jabs just gave the school $10 million.

“We think the transformational gift will change the landscape of entrepreneurship education in Colorado and beyond,” said Director Madhavan Parthasarathy.

Jabs, who grew up on a modest family farm in Montana, started selling furniture when his guitar lesson business was barely paying the bills.

“I figured everyone needs furniture not lessons, so I got into the business and look where it led us,” said Jabs.

Jabs has 12 warehouse stores in Colorado. We have all grown up watching his sales pitches with wild animals over the years.

How successful is the gift giver? Last year, the company racked up $352 million in sales. In addition to the money to set up the Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship at UCD.