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DENVER — Denver restaurants could soon be paying less to delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

City Councilwoman Kendra Black on Tuesday introduced a measure that would cap the commission paid by restaurants on orders through those services at a maximum of 15 percent, imitating measures that have already been passed by other cities in recent months.

The ordinance, which would apply for four months, would also require that 100 percent of tips go to the delivery driver, and that driver pay not be reduced in an effort to make up for the commission cap. Restaurants would also have to opt in to appear on the third-party ordering websites.

The measure deals with a side of the apps’ business model that the average customer hankering for a burrito doesn’t see.

Uber Eats said in a statement that “regulating the commissions that fund our marketplace forces us to radically alter the way we do business and ultimately hurt those that we’re trying to help the most: customers, small businesses and delivery people.”