Colorado one of top 5 states where highest earnings needed to send kids to college

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DENVER — There’s good news, and then there’s bad news for Colorado parents saving for their children to go to college.

The good news is at least you don’t live in Hawaii. The Aloha state tops the list of where parents must make the most money to live comfortably and still pay for college.

That’s according to a study by GOBankingRates, which used College Board data to compare the average price of tuition and fees at a four-year college, with the cost of living in each state, using necessities such as groceries, mortgage and utilities to identify those amounts.

Researchers also factored in amounts parents would spend on splurges and savings.

They then used their findings to map out what is needed to make in every state to send children to college.

States where parents must make the most money to live comfortably and pay for college

  1. Hawaii: $126,454.40
  2. California: $106,770.82
  3. Massachusetts: $96,573.07
  4. Colorado: $91,700.33
  5. Connecticut: $91,140.89

States where parents must make the least money to live comfortably and pay for college

  1. Indiana: $62,091.05
  2. Arkansas: $62,596.15
  3. Ohio: $62,931.10
  4. Missouri: $63,618.01
  5. Kentucky: $64,110.64

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