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DENVER — You’ve heard of 3D printers and the new technology that allows them to print medical devices, guns, even pieces of a house.

A Harvard Business School graduate says she’s figured out how to make them print makeup. It’s something that could potentially save women everywhere hundreds of dollars a year.

The makeup business is a $55-billion a year industry. Grace Choi says she’s ready to take on the industry with one single product. It’s called the Mink.

It’s an at-home 3D printer that uses regular printer ink to create bold eye shadows, blush, and even creamy lipsticks in any color you choose.

Choi says you can find any color online and then use a tool called a “color picker” to find the color’s number. Every color you can imagine has one.

Debra Wilcox owns the nation’s first 3D printing retail store. It’s located in Denver. “That’s entirely possible! Absolutely entirely possible!” she says.

It’s a difficult idea to grasp, but some women FOX31 Denver talked to say they would gladly buy a $300 printer if it meant an end to dreaded trips to expensive department stores.