Moderna vaccine more effective at preventing hospitalizations from delta variant


Denver (KDVR) — Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the Moderna vaccine is more effective against the delta variant when compared to Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

The report shows the Moderna vaccine was 95% effective at preventing hospitalizations in adults from the delta variant. Pfizer was 80%, and J&J was 60%.

That’s information that doctors are passing along.

“When patients ask me, ‘hey I haven’t gotten the vaccine, which one should I get?’ I do encourage them to take a look at the Moderna. Now that is just this week. These things change week to week,” said Dr. Scott Joy, the chief medical officer for HCA Healthcare HealthONE Physician Services Group.

He says the studies were not done head-to-head, and patients who already received other vaccines do not need to take any action.

“If you got a Pfizer I wouldn’t go run out and get a second Moderna series just because you feel like it’s substandard. Nope, those vaccines are very effective,” Joy said.

If boosters are recommended for you, some may be tempted to ask for a Moderna shot, but Joy says to stick with the vaccine you got originally.

“If you got the Pfizer before, go ahead and continue with the Pfizer booster,” he said.

The most important thing, Joy said, is just to get vaccinated and continue to take precautions.

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