Missing at-risk Aurora man found in Santa Monica jail

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AURORA – A missing at-risk 20-year-old from Aurora has been found. Just as his adoptive mother feared, he is behind bars again. ShaMari Scott was arrested by Santa Monica police on Sunday morning. He is being held on charges of running into traffic, receiving stolen property, and resisting arrest.

Kirsten Scott said, “I was relieved. I worried myself sick, at the same time, I felt an immense amount of intense anger. I knew this was going to happen and I warned people this was going to happen.”

She said she sent letters and documentation to the judge, prosecutor and public defender in his case in Douglas County. He plead guilty in October to indecent exposure and theft. Kirsten said he was not capable of making the decision to enter a plea deal.

She told FOX31 at that time, “He has an intellectual disability, he has an IQ under 70. It’s 67 and he has fetal alcohol syndrome. The fetal alcohol syndrome creates the urges and when he has the urges and a cognitive level of a 10-year-old, he does not know how to make the right decisions.” But she said no one would listen.

The same day he was released from custody in Douglas County, ShaMari was picked up for an outstanding warrant in Denver. He declined to have a public defender. His friends and family members said he was not capable of representing himself or navigating the criminal justice system.

Then on October 26, he went missing from Aurora. He was on supervised probation, but was not living at home. She said, “Its hard as a mom to say I chose jail over freedom, but when your child needs help and he’s not getting the help he needs, jail is the safest place for him.”

Kirsten is working with ShaMari’s probation officer to get him into a program where he can be monitored 24/7.

She said, “What the plan is right now is not working. It’s not working. He needs 24/7 line of sight care. He can be successful if he has the right tools in front of him. But if he doesn’t, he’s going to be victim of the system where he’s in and out and that doesn’t help him or me certainly doesn’t help the community.”

She is not sure how this latest arrest will impact his future.

She is hoping this gets the attention of people that make decisions in the court system. She hope people will educate themselves and listen to what parents are saying.

She said, “I’ve been caring for him for the best of my ability for 15 years, it’s bigger than me or him. The adult brain in fetal alcohol syndrome is a scary thing and the needs that support. This is not a mother wanting to control her child. A mother wakes up in the morning and wants her child to be successful.”

She says she understands what he did was wrong. She said they have never asked for a free pass. She just wants to help her son get into the right program. She said, “It’s what he needs and what he deserves.”

Shamari is being held on $20,000 bail in the Santa Monica Jail. His arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.

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