Steve Spangler is one of the most well-known science educators in the country, with regular appearances on national television as an authority on STEM education. Steve’s catalog of videos featured on social media has more than 1 billion views, and his books and online experiments are widely used by parents and educators to increase student engagement and inspire young scientists to learn more about STEM-based careers. 

Steve joins us live in studio and shares a cool experiment from his brand new Mind-Blowing Science Experiments book on the science of balloons.

His latest book features experiments designed to be more eye-popping, more challenging and more collaborative than ever before. Kids will work with friends, siblings, parents or classmates to execute more than 40 fascinating experiments that not only dazzle the eyes, but supercharge the brain, turning real world physics, science, technology and more into unexpected afternoon fun.

You can find Steve’s latest book on Amazon or you can catch him right here on Fox31 for his show Xploration DIY Sci .