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BOULDER, Colo. — An emotional Michelle Wilkins, the pregnant Longmont woman who was stabbed and had her baby cut from her womb last year, took the stand Wednesday morning in the trial of the woman accused of the attack.

Dynel Lane is on trial for attempted murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy for the March 2015 attack on the then-27-year-old Wilkins. Lane has pleaded not guilty.

Wilkins responded to a Craigslist ad and went to Lane’s apartment in Longmont to buy baby clothing when she was attacked. Lane is accused of then taking the baby to the hospital and telling doctors the baby was hers.

Lane is accused of striking Wilkins with a lava lamp, then using two knives to stab and choke Wilkins, cutting the baby from her womb. Lane then allegedly left Wilkins for dead in a pool of blood.

Wilkins began her testimony by saying she and her boyfriend had a room ready for their daughter, whom they were going to name Aurora, saying the couple was “prepared.”

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett showed her pictures of when she was pregnant and the photos were also shown to the court. An emotional Wilkins then detailed the attack.

“As I was going upstairs towards the door, she struck me from behind,” Wilkins said. “It’s hard to describe. She hit me, and then it was almost like pulling on my sweater and scratching at me.”

Wilkins said she broke away from Lane and asked what she was doing. Wilkins said Lane responded: “Why would you go in someone’s house and do that to them?”

“I held up my hands and said ‘I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to leave,'” Wilkins said.

When Wilkins said she was going to call the police, Lane pushed her toward the bathroom then into the bedroom. When Wilkins pulled out her phone, Lane lunged at her and struck her in the face.

“She broke a bottle over my head,” Wilkins said. “I said, ‘I don’t know why you’re doing this, I love you. She said, ‘If you love me, you’ll let me do this.’

“And then she stabbed it into my neck. I just remember everything was wet and slippery. I remember when she stabbed me, she removed it and then she continued to choke me.”

Wilkins said she felt pain.

“After she broke the bottle over my head and stabbed me and she was trying to choke me, I remember thinking of Aurora and feeling like … I just thought of her and I wanted to survive for her. So I fought back harder.”

The trial began Wednesday morning with opening statements and Garnett telling the jury that Lane had a pretend pregnancy.

“She was obsessed with pregnancy — in a bizarre way,” Garnett said.

During opening statements, Garnett said Lane did loads of laundry and cleaned up. He said that after the attack that Lane told her boyfriend she had a miscarriage, allegedly telling doctors “This was my baby. I delivered a baby. This is still birth.”

Defense attorney Jennifer Beck said during opening statements that Lane did not plan the attack, that she was “impulsive and reckless and didn’t intend to kill the victim. She didn’t plan the attack and didn’t plan to claim the baby as her own.”

The 911 call that Wilkins placed was played for the jury during testimony from the dispatcher who helped Wilkins.

Longmont Police Officer Billy Sawyer was called to testify.

Officer Sawyer responded to dispatch’s call of a 7-months pregnant woman reporting she had been stabbed in her home. When he got to the house, Sawyer saw blood drops on the floor going upstairs and downstairs and after he went to the basement, he saw Wilkins laying on the bed.

“She was covered from head to toe in blood. And the entire room was also, blood everywhere,” Sawyer said. He reported that she had been stabbed in her stomach and in her neck.

Photos of the bloody basement scene were shared with the jury, entered as exhibits by the prosecution. Photos of the top of the broken bottle and the knife allegedly used in the attack were shared as well.

Dr. Leslie Armstrong then testified on what happened when Dynel Lane came to the emergency room, claiming the dead baby was hers, but refusing to be examined. Armstrong then described the victim, Michelle Wilkins, being rushed in “barely alive.”

Garnett told the jury there will be 19 or 20 witnesses and that the prosecution expects to rest by Monday.

Lane is in custody on a $2 million bond.