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DENVER — The old adage “nothing stays the same” could not be more fitting when discussing men’s business attire.

Denver Style Magazine editor in chief Heather Okimoto said there is a fundamental shift in the way men dress for work. She calls it elevated casual.

“We’re working differently. We’re playing and working together. Combining those, and so our fashion is reflective of that,” Okimoto said.

She said more jobs in high tech, social media and marketing have created a bigger demand for creative attire. Not only are men’s work wardrobes changing, but the way men shop for their clothes are changing as well.

Men’s clothes boutiques are sprouting up all over the Denver metro area. One in the Berkeley neighborhood is called Spruce for Men.

It has interface computer screens to locate the perfect shoe and dressing rooms with lighting to emulate outside, inside, even a nightclub.

If you have the time, you can even grab a shave and a haircut in the store. It has three barber chairs.

Okimoto believes this trend is good.

“Absolutely. It’s a new way for men to discover their own personal style and to shop differently,” she said.

Okimoto also adds, they’re only clothes. You can always change them.