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DENVER — The day after the city of Denver moved in on homeless camps near Coors Field, Mayor Michael Hancock said his administration will work to ensure the camps are not rebuilt.

“Our agencies aren’t going anywhere,” Hancock said. “We are going to remain in the area to make sure the encampments don’t reappear.”

Hancock said more than $40 million are being spent to help the homeless throughout the city, including programs aimed at helping them get jobs.

Near Lawrence Street and Broadway, residents are grateful for the cleanup but are skeptical as to whether the homeless population and their “stuff” won’t reappear.

“It looks good for now, but they are going to end up coming back anyhow,” said Andrea Walter, who lives nearby.

And it’s unclear where the homeless population will go. Homeless in Civic Center Park said they noticed an increase in traffic.

“They have to have someplace to go,” said Mark Johnson, who is homeless.

The homeless camp cleanup included taking belongings from the homeless and putting them in a warehouse at 1221 Glenarm Place. People have 30 days to claim their things while the facility is open between noon and 2 p.m. during the week.

During one hour Wednesday, not one homeless person showed up to claim their stuff.