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DENVER — The group Smart Colorado is calling on state regulators to remove some new cannabis products from the marketplace until they are proven safe.  The group is concerned about nasal sprays, suppositories and eye drops.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division discussed a draft of new rules for these kinds of products at a stakeholder meeting on Monday.  The goal is to have new regulations in place by January first.

While some people tout the medicinal benefits, others are concerned about potency and the safety of the manufacturing process.

“These products can be delivered rectally, vaginally, through the nose, it can be squirted in the eyes so that it goes to the blood stream faster, and you can get a quicker high,” said Diane Carlson with Smart Colorado.

But others say that is a mischaracterization, and that most people are looking for relief.

Jon Cooper with Ebbu, a research company, says he welcomes regulation.  But he points out nasal sprays, suppositories and eye drops are already used to deliver other medicines.

“We are just taking these compounds from this plant and we’re delivering it in a way that is going to be most efficacious for these patients,” Cooper said.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division will have a public hearing about the draft permanent rules on Oct. 16.