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By Jeremy Ross

BOULDER — Any law firm can be a stressful place to work, but for Boulder attorney Mark Changaris that stress was multiplied when he saw his home overrun with water from the recent floods.

A day after leaving his home because of safety concerns, he returned to pack up what was left of his belongings.

While he was filling up a truck with boxes he noticed the piano inside was virtually untouched and had the urge to play.

The video was uploaded to YouTube — and began to garner thousands of views.

It’s an act Changaris describes as comforting in a time of great sorrow.

He says he’s played off and on for about 15 years and the act provides him focus and serenity.

He anticipates it will be months before the home will be ready for new tenants, but the attorney says the act of music and subsequent comfort is a reminder that in any crisis things aren’t as bad as they seem.