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DENVER — The man accused of hitting and killing a University of Denver student in a hit-and-run testified in his own defense at his trial Tuesday. He told the court his brother was actually the one driving.

Andrew Simpson, 45, is on trial for vehicular homicide and fleeing the scene of an accident involving death in a May 2012 crash at E. Evans Ave. and S. University Blvd. Masoud Bahramisharif, 24, was walking his bike across the intersection when he was hit and killed.

Witnesses say they saw a speeding SUV run a red light and hit D.U. student.

Simpson testified he and his brother Joe went to a couple of bars. He says Joe got them kicked out of one for dancing on the bar and sex in the bathroom.

Then he talked about what happened as they were driving.

“Joe Started throwing things out of the Jeep at Downing and Third,” Simpson told the Court.

“He thought it was funny and I told him to knock it off. Joe started acting up again, throwing change out of the window.”

“He was literally hanging out of the window. I told him he had to drive. I made him drive,” Simpson testified.

“I closed my eyes because he was driving crazy.”

Then Bahramisharif was hit. “I head screeching under the Jeep,” Simpson says.

“I pulled the bike off the Jeep and told him he couldn’t drive anymore.”

Simpson continued his testimony,” I saw someone was killed on the news and called 911. Joe said he was going to turn himself in.”

“I was not the driver, it was my brother Joe,” Simpson testified to the court.

Police say they found the SUV involved in the accident four days later outside of an apartment. They say they found Simpson in the apartment and took him into custody.

Kolin Lawler contributed to this report