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DENVER — A man was killed Monday morning in a freak accident that sent a tow hook whipping into the back of his head, the Aurora Police Department reported.

A group of people was removing tree stumps from the yard of a house in the 1300 block of Scranton Street about 10:42 a.m., police said. One man, identified as Gerald Alan, was using a tow strap attached to his International Harvester Scout SUV to tear stumps from the ground.

At one point, the tow hook somehow pulled free from a stump and slung back at the vehicle. It blew through the rear window, hitting the driver in the head, police said. The SUV then accelerated across the street and into the porch of a neighboring house. An elderly man sitting on the porch was hit by the vehicle, which rolled over upon impact.

Both men were rushed to the hospital. The driver was pronounced dead, but the elderly man was expected to recover.

An investigation was under way, but police said they do not expect any criminal charges in the case.