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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A man filmed three people stringing fishing line across a bike path and said when he called police, he was disappointed with how the responding officer handled the incident.

Kyle said he watched out the window as three people worked fishing line back and forth across a bike path in Lakewood near Newland Square Park.

Kyle asked FOX31 not to use his last name because he fears the perpetrators will retaliate.

Kyle said he watched as a cyclist spotted the fishing line, slammed on his brakes and fell before he hit the fishing line. Kyle said the cyclist took down the fishing line but then Kyle said the three people put the line back up and that’s when Kyle pulled out his phone and started filming.

Kyle said he called Lakewood Police and an officer responded. Kyle said he didn’t want the teens to face charges, but he did want the officer to drive home how dangerous this prank could have been to cyclist.

“He spoke to them for about a minute and then let them go. I walked up to the cop and I said ‘Hey, I have it on my camera if you want it.’ He said, ‘It’s not a big deal,'” said Kyle. “I was a little disappointed by the reaction.”

A spokesman said the Lakewood Police Department never wants anyone to feel like their concerns aren’t taken seriously. The spokesman said the department is looking into the incident.

Kyle hopes his video reminds other cyclists to be on the lookout. He also hopes it reminds people that this kind of prank is not funny, it’s dangerous.