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DENVER — A dog owner is upset after he and his legal team say his dog was euthanized because he didn’t file the proper paperwork. The thing is, he says he filed the paperwork ahead of the court-mandated deadline.

Jacob McCartney says losing his dog named “Dream” has been a nightmare. “It kinda’ ripped my heart out, it really did.”

It started the day Animal Control called to say his 9-year-old pit bull was euthanized.

The dog bit a 3-year-old in the face causing severe injury last November. McCartney pleaded no contest to owning a dangerous dog. “By entering that plea — it wasn’t a guilty plea, it’s a no contest plea.”

The court ordered “Dream” be put down, but stayed the order pending an appeal. Jefferson County courts say they never got an appeal in time to save the dog.

The dog was euthanized October 15 at Foothills Animal Shelter, which was holding the animal.

Lawyers with the Animal Law Center say they have the paperwork proof that shows they filed the appeal in time.

McCartney is considering further legal action.