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His name is Jason Lewis and he is the first man to complete a circumnavigation of the globe by only using human power—no sails on water or motors on land.

“When you think of all of the places man’s put his foot print it is amazing no one has done this before,” said Lewis, who has just completed the first of three books ‘Dark Waters (The Expedition Trilogy Book 1).’

“The trip was supposed to take three years, but due to fund raising and injuries the journey wound up taking 13 years!”

Lewis says he was captured by pirates, accused of being a spy and almost died several times from infections and altitude sickness.

But when all was said and done, he was successful in making it around the world without any motors or sails, only the human power he possessed.

“I roller bladed, rode bicycles, used a paddle boat to cross the ocean parts, and either swam or ran the rest of the miles on the trip,” said Lewis.

“I was hit by a drunken driver in Pueblo while learning how to blade…the man said he thought he hit a deer, but my back pack, which saved my life, came off and wound up in his wife’s lap… I joke now that deer in Colorado do wear backpacks. The accident left me with a pair of broken legs and I needed nine months to recover. Once, back on the in-lines, I was able to make it over Independence Pass and on to San Francisco.”

The trip shows what humans can do when they put their minds to it, and Lewis also says his trip helped kids gain a renewed interest in geography—he had a website up so kids could follow his trip.

Jason also says what he found is that people all over the globe are all the same, only conditions and languages are different. His book is on sale at area bookstores and online.

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