LONE TREE, Colo. (KDVR) — An organic food store in Lone Tree was the target of a burglar who broke into the business.

That crime was caught on camera and the owners of the store said the obvious offense is that he stole cash and equipment but it’s another thing he did while in the store that left them puzzled.

“Crawling around, stealing our tips, chargers, iPads all kinds of things like that,” Shannon Westin, owner of Vibe Foods said.

Westin has owned the store for a few years and said the images were unsettling for her and her employees.

“It was pretty gross to see somebody just rifling through something that’s actually important to you as a small business owner we take so much care and pride into what we do,” Westin said.

His theft was the obvious crime, but Westin said she learned more watching the whole video.

“Only to find out he’d been in our store for three hours,” Westin said.

Westin said the man entered the store’s restroom and stayed there.

“Kind of undressed a little bit, got ready for night-night time and went back to lock the door to make sure nobody else would come in and bother him,” Westin said.

His crime caused chaos, Westin said, because their tablets keep track of customers’ online orders.

“Our real treasure is our superfoods and thankfully he didn’t steal any organic juice and fuel up for another crime spree,” Westin said.

A number of their regulars at Vibe Foods are officers with the Lone Tree Police Department. That department is investigating this case.