The 2023 Invest in Kids Jane-A-Thon, the longest running, true-to-Colorado ski and snowboard fundraising event, will be held on March 3-4, 2023 at Mary Jane, this will be the 24th year of the event. 

Invest in Kids is a nonprofit organization that works alongside Colorado communities to adopt, implement, and successfully scale proven programs that have the greatest long-term impact on young children and families experiencing poverty. The non-profit organization helps improves the health and well-being of over 14,000 young children and families in Colorado every year.

The 2022 Jane-A-Thon boasted nearly 400 participants skiing and snowboarding on Friday and Saturday with their companies, family, and friends. They raised over $338,000 to support IIK’s work – a new record for the event. Participants compete in fundraising contests as well as on mountain challenges to win prizes donated by IIK’s dedicated partners.

To learn more about Invest in Kids at and to support the Jane-A-Thon, visit