Making the ‘Wonder Tower’ wonderful again


A group is looking to purchase the World Famous Wonder Tower and restore it to its former glory.

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GENOA, Colo. – There’s an effort underway to bring the once World Famous Wonder Tower in Genoa back to life.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have driven along Interstate 70 east of Limon over the past 90 years, chances are you’ve seen the bizarre tower in the distance.

It’s located off the Genoa exit on I-70 on Colorado’s eastern Plains.

“It’s just been a part of our lifestyle out here for generations,” said Jacki Higgins, who lives outside of Genoa.

The Wonder Tower grew famous over the years. At one point, Ripley’s Believe it or Not said it was the highest point between the Mississippi River and Denver.

From the top of the tower, you’re supposed to be able to see six states.

The tower’s most recent owner was Jerry Chubbuck, who turned the tower into a museum featuring all sorts of neat and odd things. He had an arrowhead collection, a two-headed calf and parts of a Wooly Mammoth.

But when Chubbuck died a few years ago, the Wonder Tower sort of died with him.

That could soon change, though. Higgins and a group of people, including Trish Langley, are looking to purchase the tower and restore it to what it once was.

“We want to move on and restore it and save it for the future generations because we enjoyed it so much,” Higgins said.

The group has a contract with Chubbuck’s family, saying if it can come up with $100,000 by late January, including an additional $100,000 down the road, the tower will be theirs.

The group wants to turn the Wonder Tower into a nonprofit, and reopen its museum and tower.

You can learn more about their effort and help donate by visiting the World Wonder Tower Project website.


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