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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Mail continues to go missing from the Lehigh post office in Englewood, nearly three months after the mail carrier allegedly responsible was placed on non-duty status.

The Office of the Inspector General began to investigate reports of mail theft in February. More than six months later, no arrests have been made, even though an employee believed to be behind the thefts was identified on June 6.

“I won’t go near that post office ever again. I’ll mail from work,” said Barb Madison, one of many Englewood residents who say they’ve lost trust in the post office.

Madison said she had mail stolen in July, long after the suspected employee was placed on leave.

“I mailed the letter on July 16. I know the exact date. I think there’s got to be more than one person involved,” she said. “We’re supposed to be able to count on these people. This is a federal institution. There’s something very wrong here and I think someone needs to go in there and clean house.”

Madison isn’t alone. Sarah Beals mailed homemade wedding invitations a few weeks ago. They are invitations she spent hours creating. Her family never received them.

“You kind of feel like you should be able to trust your post office and drop things off and not think twice about it,” Beals said.

The Office of the Inspector General is not saying whether there might be more than one suspect responsible.

“The USPS OIG is aware of the complaints received after June 6th, when the Carrier was placed in a non-duty status,” it said in a statement.

“The OIG’s investigation is ongoing. Our Special Agents are following up on these reports and the public should go to the USPS OIG Hotline to file an online complaint if they are missing mail as a result of theft by a postal employee.”