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ERIE, Colo. — Magpul Industries, the Erie-based manufacturer that loudly threatened to leave Colorado if state officials voted to ban the sale of large ammunition magazines, is still here months after the Legislature did so.

It was a high-profile announcement that generated headlines across the nation. But a full six months after the company allegedly gave up on the Centennial State, the parking lot at Magpul’s headquarters in Erie was still filled with cars and a receptionist was working the front desk, the Boulder Daily Camera reported earlier this month.

Magpul told the paper it still plans to fully abandon its operations from Colorado, but that moving 250 employees can take a very long time.

“We have to work through the move with our employees before we make any announcements,” Magpul spokesman Duane Liptak told the paper. “It’s a big move, and there’s a lot going on.”

Some commenters on the company’s Facebook page seemed unsure if the move would ever actually happen.

“I can not believe that you have not left Colorado,” user John Staus wrote. “I WILL NOT buy another item made by this company. I live in Colorado and can not believe that the Governor signed the bills.”

“Still waiting for the move. I’m a business owner — I know how difficult a move is,” fan Steve Allen wrote. “You drew a line and the Colorado legislature crossed it. I sure hope your line means more than Obama’s line in Syria.”

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