Low sugar swap lunch ideas for back to school


As our kids get ready to head back to school and many adults are heading back to the office this fall – it’s a great time to take a closer look at some of our choices. And start making some swaps that help lower sugar and pump up the nutrition.

Lifestyle and Natural Food Expert, Jennifer Sloan shares some easy tips and tricks to make a switch where no on notices a change.

  • Instead of packaged deli meats that can be loaded with sugar, look for clean protein choices.
    • Grassfed beef hot dogs on little skewers or dipping style in a bento box
    • Tetonwatersranch.com
  • Drinks are a major source of sugar in our diets, for both kids and adults. Juice boxes, sodas, energy drinks, lattes.
    • Milk is a great choice for a lunch box. Look for 100% grassfed organic milk boxes. You can even find reduced sugar chocolate milk boxes!
    • Maple Hill has just released a completely zero sugar milk. Zero sugar, zero carbs, zero lactose. It’s perfect for cutting sugar at breakfast – use it with low sugar cereals, or in a smoothie. You will LOVE it in your coffee! It froths up beautifully for lattes. Try it in a matcha latte.
    • Maplehill.com
  • Bread and flour tortillas can also be a hidden source of sugar and can contain refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Gluten free breads can be especially sneaky as they sometimes add sugar and fillers to taste better
  • Swap bread for a low carb, low sugar substitute. Try a cauliflower based product that is gluten free, low carb and low sugar.
    • Make quesadillas or pinwheels with high quality meat from the deli counter
    • Califlourfoods.com
  • Dipping sauces like ranch, ketchup, bbq sauce can all be loaded with sugar.
    • Swap for a sauce packed with nutrition and no added sugar.
    • Otamot is loaded with organic veggies and is perfect for dipping for kids! And tastes amazing.
    • Otamotfoods.com
  • We all need a treat! But fruit snacks, cookies – all loaded with sugar.
    • Look for Solely Fruit Gummies – just one ingredient and 7 grams sugar per pouch
    • Solely.com

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