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LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — The Loveland Police Department released a 911 call and body-camera video in the shooting last week of a developmentally delayed teen who approached an officer with a knife.

A spokesperson for the family said the 19-year-old who was shot, Alex Domina, had five surgeries after the shooting and remained in critical condition at the hospital Wednesday evening.

In a YouTube video published on Wednesday, Loveland Police Chief Bob Ticer said the department released the video to maintain transparency and trust.

“We have provided you this information to build or enhance community trust in your police department,” Ticer said in the video. “My goal is to ensure the transparency this department owes the community while preserving the integrity of the criminal investigatory process led by the (Critical Incident Response) team.”

Alex Domina, 19-year-old shot by a Loveland Police Department officer on Aug. 16, 2021. (Credit: Domina family attorney Mari Newman)

What happens in the 911 call

The video shows about six minutes elapsed from the moment Alex Domina’s grandmother called 911 about his behavior to when an officer shot and wounded him on Monday, Aug. 16, in a backyard on Tennessee Street.

Alex’s grandmother and guardian, Judy Domina, called 911 after he became upset she asked him to do chores, she told the dispatcher.

“We have a young man that’s having a mental breakdown. He’s breaking everything and throwing stuff. We need assistance immediately, please. He’s a danger to himself and us,” she told the dispatcher.

Alex Domina, 19-year-old shot by a Loveland Police Department officer on Aug. 16, 2021. (Credit: Domina family attorney Mari Newman)

She told the dispatcher he had been institutionalized for years, had “attempted suicide on multiple times” and was “gonna need to be committed.”

“He says he’s not gonna go back,” she told the dispatcher.

She said he had not been drinking or doing drugs and he had just begun living with her in June.

Judy told the dispatcher that Alex was destroying patio furniture and had picked up a glass tabletop, and later, that he had kicked and broke a glass door with his feet.

She initially told the dispatcher he was unarmed and was “just throwing everything and breaking everything,” but he eventually got hold of a knife while she was on the call.

She warned the dispatcher that Alex was big — 244 pounds — and that “he probably won’t be” cooperative with police.

“But please, please handle him with care. He — it’s mental health,” she told the dispatcher.

Near the end of the call, a neighbor can be heard trying to calm him down.

What the body-camera video shows

The 4-minute call ends when Alex’s grandmother sees that Officer Eddie Luzon arrived at the scene. Loveland Police said he has been with the department since 2019.

Body-camera video shows the officer approaching the house and contacting a woman at the house as she tries to coax him out of the backyard.

He speaks directly to Alex, gently and repeatedly asking him to “just talk to me, bro,” and to “put the knife down, brother.”

“I’m not going back!” Alex yells. He pulls down more patio furniture.

Body-camera video released on Aug. 25, 2021, shows the moment before a Loveland Police Officer shoots and wounds Alex Domina. (Credit: Loveland Police Department)

Alex starts walking slowly toward the officer, who repeatedly tells him not to come near him.

“Stay over there. Do not come near me. Don’t come near me” the officer yells. He radios to dispatch that he has him at gunpoint, and “he’s not stopping.”

Alex keeps walking toward him.

“Don’t come near me. Stop. Stop, Alex!” the officer yells. Alex starts walking faster, and the officer yells: “Stop man, don’t make me —” and then fires his weapon four times. Alex drops.

What happened after the shooting

A second officer arrives. That officer, Kerry Marion, has been with the department since 2006, according to police.

According to video from her body camera, the officers get the knife from Alex as he writhes on the ground in pain and calls for “mom.” Marion and other officers render first aid for about 10 minutes before paramedics arrive and load Alex into an ambulance.

Watch the full video below. Warning: This video is age-restricted and will require a YouTube login, as it contains profanity and violent content.