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LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — Alexander Domina, 19, remains in serious condition after a Loveland police officer shot him three times in the abdomen.

The developmentally delayed man was suffering a mental health crisis in his backyard earlier this week.

The family attorney said his grandma called police in hopes of defusing the situation. Police said the teen had a knife and an officer opened fire. What the public doesn’t know is if the teen charged at anyone. Police won’t say either way.

“We totally understand the community’s desire to get this information out,” said Fort Collins Police Services Chief Jeff Swoboda.

Swoboda’s agency is leading the investigation into the Loveland police shooting. Despite Loveland Police talking publicly about the high-profile Karen Garner excessive force case, Loveland police are staying tight-lipped about the Monday shooting involving one of their officers.

“Sometimes I think agencies do talk when investigations are going on and other times they take a step back,” Swoboda explained.

Alex Domina, 19-year-old shot by a Loveland police officer (Photo from family’s attorney, Mari Newman)

When will body-camera video be released?

Swoboda said he’s working to ensure a thorough investigation, due process and an eventual public release of accurate information.

“When an investigation is started, you don’t want one department doing the investigation and another department talking about it because then it could be mixed messages — information could be different,” he said.

(Credit: Loveland Police Department via The Life & Liberty Law Office)

Statewide, the speed of releasing police body-camera video varies on a case-by-case basis under a new law that governs its release any time an officer may face an accusation of misconduct. FOX31 asked Swoboda when footage of the Loveland police shooting would be made public.

“As we’re doing the investigation, obviously we have access to [the body camera footage], but it’s not our video to release,” he said. “So I have no understanding of when that will be released.”

Eventually the findings from the multi-agency investigation will be forwarded to prosecutors.

The family attorney said the grandmother told dispatch and responding police that her grandson was suffering a mental health crisis and could be talked down.