Looking for a easy first family pet, this African Dwarf Frog may be the answer


Ryp Walters with Froggy’s Lair says these crazy amazing African Dwarf Frogs are a great first pet. According to Walters, they are low maintenance, highly engineered biospheres and it’s full of science in action.

Walters believe that in our high tech world, we need to maintain a connection with our environment, to understand the balance/ecosystem of nature, and to actively care for non-human inhabitants, African Dwarf Frogs, whom we share in this amazing world.

This can be challenging for many folks – with busy schedules, limited space and fear of high maintenance live critters or plants. Using science and engineering, we bring nature’s connection in habitats suitable for today’s lifestyle.

Froggy’s Lair STEM products are found in households, kid’s rooms, classrooms, offices, and dorms.

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