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LONGMONT, Colo. — The Longmont City Council voted to lift its ban on marijuana shops in a 5-2 vote on Tuesday night.

While recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since Jan. 1, 2014, Longmont has just said no. But now the city is more ready to open its doors to dispensaries.

A yes vote Tuesday was the first step in lifting Longmont’s prohibition on marijuana and allowing four dispensaries to open — but with limitations.

No shops will be allowed in the city’s central business district and none could be close to a school or residential neighborhood.

Many people who originally said no are now open to lifting the ban.

“The tax income to the city could be used to good purposes,” resident John Shetter said. “It goes to schools or something to improve the streets in Longmont, so why not do it.”

“They’re just going to travel other places to get it,” resident James Anno said. “Why not Longmont? Have some money, ya know. Let’s get some local tax money. People are going to buy it regardless.”

This was just the first vote. There is more work ahead before any marijuana dispensaries will open in the city.