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DENVER, Colo. — A group of young men in Denver are making a commitment to the community by helping other young people learn about business, and all three hope to help others overcome challenges like the ones they faced while growing up.

“The biggest challenge I had to overcome was facing my embezzlement charge my sophomore year in high school,” Hezekiah Hall said.

“Not really having a role model or guidance,” Shandon Toliver, who was homeless at one point said.

“One, I’m a felon,” Samuel Elfay said.

At one point or another all three men have also been told “No” as they pursued their goals.

“Countless number of times, too many,” Elfay said.

“It’s always an excuse as to why I can’t do this, it’s always a reason why I can’t do this. our biggest mission is to push like yeah you can do this,” Toliver said.

The young men have all overcome their challenges and now they’re putting their skills together to give back with the brand, Business Over Everything.

“Our Black Minds Mingle event, it’s our networking event,” Hall said.

The group’s first event is open to anyone, but geared towards younger people. There will be booths from different businesses, mayoral candidates, and support groups.

“For example, how to make sure your business is registered with the state, registered with the secretary, how to build a credit line, very important things that you should know starting off a business,” Hall said.

The event is Oct. 5. Tickets are for sale, but part of the proceeds raised will go to the Broncos Boys and Girls Club in Montbello.