DENVER (KDVR) — At the beginning of October, the Colorado Department of Transportation began fining drivers who were caught weaving in and out of the express lanes.

However, crossing the line isn’t always black and white. There are exceptions to this new rule.

It’s a $75 ticket if the roadway technology tracks you weaving through the solid white lines on C-470 from Interstate 25 to Wadsworth Boulevard, and I-25 from U.S. 36 to E-470.

During the grace period in September, the roadway sensors issued over 40,000 warnings in just 20 days.

While the system tracks thousands of drivers crossing the line, it can be adjusted.

The system also allows CDOT to account for traffic crashes that force people into the express lanes, according to Tim Hoover, CDOT’s communications integration lead.

For example, when a crash occurs and law enforcement closes a lane and diverts people to the express lane, CDOT’s traffic operations center notifies the staff monitoring the express lanes.

“We can then waive any express lane weaving violations for the duration of the lane diversion until the crash is cleared from the roadway. This means no violation notices are ever sent in the mail for this incident,” said Hoover in an email to FOX31.

This isn’t the only exception. Express lane lines are sometimes crossed because of a sudden crash or for pulling over when police sirens are on.

If a driver is somehow forced into the express lane, they can dispute the violation. If a fine comes in the mail, the notice also gives instructions on where to go online to dispute the infringement.

Crossing the line doesn’t necessarily mean paying the fine if you are forced into the express lane.