ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — An Arapahoe County couple was left trying to figure out why thieves would break into their home and take 50 guns, 3,000 rounds of ammo, a generator, an air compressor, tools, a cannon safe filled with more guns and a 2016 Ram pickup truck.

“It’s overwhelming what needs to be done,” Kristen Fields said.

She and her husband, Dwayne, are still shaken from finding their home ransacked when they arrived home Saturday afternoon.

“Our garage door was opened. It was like, what happened?” she said. “Trash was all over the place.”

It didn’t take the couple long to realize they had been burglarized.

“I wanted to vomit. I felt sick to my stomach. You feel so violated,” Fields said.

Heirloom guns irreplaceable to burglary victims

The tire tracks from dragging the safe away from the building could still be seen five days after the incident.

“The guns in the safe are family heirlooms handed down from his grandfather and father,” Fields said, “so a lot of them we didn’t have serial numbers on, but they’re irreplaceable. We just got back from hunting, so all our hunting equipment, hunting rifles, were in that safe.”

With everything that was taken from the home, the couple believes several people were involved in the burglary. They say the thieves pushed through a back window to get inside.

“They got all the spare keys to our vehicles, so that means they could possibly come back. So you can no longer feel safe in your own home,” Fields said.

The couple has been living off East Highway 30 for nearly three decades.

“We never had a reason to put up security or video cameras in 30 years. You wouldn’t think something like that is going to happen,” she said.

Her biggest fear is what could happen next.

“What if one of our guns is used in a crime? Good people aren’t going to buy those guns. We do our background checks when we purchase, but these guns that are out now won’t go through it,” she said.

Stolen pickup truck recovered

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s investigators were looking for the white pickup truck that was stolen from the couple.

On Friday, deputies provided an update and said the truck was recovered in Castle Rock.

However, the rest of the stolen property, including all the firearms, ammunition and the gun safe, are still missing. No arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, Fields said to avoid this from happening to you, don’t put your spare keys on a key hanger. Instead, find a more discreet place so it won’t be easy for thieves to find.