DENVER (KDVR) — Many drivers decorate the outside of their car with fun stickers. Some add their family members in stick figure form, while others show off their honor students. But some stickers can make your car a target for theft.

Auto theft is a well-known issue in Colorado, especially at Denver International Airport. Auto theft grew during the pandemic across the country, but thefts rose faster in this state than elsewhere.

According to Denver Police Department records, 2023 has seen more auto thefts than ever around the nation’s third-busiest airport. During the first half of the year, January through July, there were 801 auto thefts in the 7-mile radius surrounding the airport.

Denver also has the third-highest auto theft rate in the country, according to a study from the Common Sense Institute, a free-market think tank and policy analysis group.

Now, Colorado State Patrol is asking drivers to take a look at the stickers they have on their cars in order to deter thieves.

“Stickers can give away frequented locations that provide an opportunity for a thief to come back to steal or burglarize a car,” CSP said.

So, having a sticker like a proud parent of an honors student at a specific school gives thieves the exact location of where your car might be during pickup and drop-off hours.

While you might think putting on a sticker from your favorite ski resort might be a safe choice, think again.

CSP urges drivers to avoid putting anything from what school you or your kids attend, to frequented shopping retailers and even your favorite ski resort. All those can be used as an opportunity for thieves.

For more information on how to keep your car safe, the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority has a list of resources.