DENVER (KDVR) — If you’ve ever wanted to help name a baby sloth, you’re in luck now.

The Denver Zoo – and specifically his mother and father, two-toed sloths Charlotte and Elliot – welcomed a sloth pup in January. Now he needs a name.

While you can’t submit any options of your own, there are three names to choose from: Rain, Wicket and Cappuccino.

Rain was inspired by the tropical rainforest from which his species is native.

Wicket was inspired by the last sloth naming contest where the winning choice was also from Star Wars.

Cappuccino was inspired by his “beautiful café con leche coat.”

People can select their choice and vote here.

The sloth’s keepers selected all three names.

Each vote will cost a $5 donation. You’re not confined to just one vote, either. For example, with a donation of $100, you can cast 20 votes for your favorite choice.

Each donation will go to help the sloth pup.

“Vote as often as you like, knowing that each donation will help ensure that this beautiful boy grows up strong…and slow,” Denver Zoo said on its website.

You can also sign up for an annual membership and get a free vote, along with a personalized sloth adoption certificate.

The naming contest will go on for four weeks, and the winner will be announced in late March, the zoo said.