BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Sunday marks one year since a rowdy crowd destroyed property and left a mess on Pearl Street in Boulder. This year, Boulder Police say they plan to take control.

“We’ve kind of got a lot of the perfect storm here,” said Commander Barry Hartkopp with the Boulder Police Department.

A late football game at the University of Colorado Boulder, Halloween and the Mall Crawl all on the same night presented a busy night in Boulder.

“We are bringing on a significant addition to our personnel,” Hartkopp said.

Police plan for months for busy night on Pearl Street

Boulder Police said they’ve planned months in advance for Saturday night, working with campus police and business owners to prevent what happened last Oct. 30 at Pearl Street.

“We are doing a lot of saturation, making contact, saying hi to people and just get some face-to-face time with the community, letting them know that we’re there to make sure that everybody parties safely,” Hartkopp said.

If something does happen, the advice from police is to get away from it.

“Walk away from it, go to another party, go to another bar or go home,” Hartkopp said.

One thing you don’t want to get caught doing is climbing light poles. One of the memorable images from last year’s Mall Crawl was people drinking and jumping from light poles.

Police said they’re on a specific lookout for anyone trying to start up something by getting above the crowds.