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DENVER (KDVR) — Questions surround the case of a Denver woman from Russia, who traveled to Europe with her husband and was found dead there just a few weeks ago.

FOX31 spoke exclusively with Yana Rose’s mother about her daughter’s mysterious disappearance and death and how it might be connected to a Denver business owner.

Yana was 40 years old and lived in Denver. Her mother lives in Chelyabinsk, Russia. On Jan. 21, her mother received the worst call a parent could get: Her daughter was found dead while on holiday in Spain.

“She’s not sure what happened, she wasn’t there,” Natalia Zernova, Yana’s mother, said through Russian translator Julie Ioffe.

Her friends and family said Yana left Denver with her husband for a trip to Europe back in August. Her mother told FOX31 she last talked to her on Christmas Day.

“They were talking about Natalia going to her just to visit her friends, and they were talking about outfits,” Zernova said.

That would be the last time mother and daughter would hear each other’s voices ever again.

“After speaking to her daughter on the 25th, she did not hear from Yana at all,” Zenova told Ioffe.

Zernova said she was frantically trying to reach her daughter by any means — calling her husband, texting and calling Yana’s phone, leaving voicemails.

“Why aren’t you calling me? Why aren’t you telling me how you are,” Zernova said.

“Natalia received a phone call, 21st of January, from the police in Valencia. They found a body, and that her daughter’s not alive anymore,” Zernova said, through the translator.

FOX31 has not independently confirmed what European outlets report: that Yana’s body was found in a shallow grave outside of an abandoned mansion in Valencia, Spain. Those same reports cite Spanish police saying her husband, a Denver business owner, is a suspect in the case.

For the moment, FOX31 is not identifying him.

Yana’s mother, Natalia, is left in wake, wondering what happened to her daughter and above all, mourning her loss.

“She has lost her love, her happiness, her daughter, her helper, she has lost everything,” Zernova said through the translator.